Victor Alexandre G. Teixeira hails from Portugal. He is a currently a doctoral candidate at Xiamen University in Xiamen, Fujian China where he is studying International Relations. Mr. Teixeira completed his under graduated studies at Lusíada University in Lisbon, where he contributed to his university research center and attended a number of international conferences on behalf of his university. Mr. Teixeira took part in the Harvard World Model United Nations in 2011 in Singapore and in 2012 in Vancouver. Mr. Teixeira’s studies were funded by the University of Lusíada; in particular the Faculty of Human and Social Studies, as well as the Minerva Foundation, in recognition of his academic excellence. Mr. Teixeira was further awarded an Honorary Degree by Lusíada University in Lisbon, and an Honorary Diploma by Central China Normal University while pursuing his Master’s.

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